We provide you with all the mandatory resources to get started. Check out our impressive printing equipment and techniques with a detailed evaluation of our products and services page. Take a look at these FAQs. If you’re left with any queries about RTS printers and scanners, feel free to contact us on Phone: +202 23817153 or info@rtsegypt.com.

A scanner is an automated device that captures images from posters, magazines, photographic prints, and similar resources for editing and display. Scanners come in different ways and very high-resolution scanners are utilized for higher-resolution printing purposes, but lower resolution scanners are appropriate for capturing images for desktop.
With the rise of technology, the process of management of various brands and businesses has also been modified. They opt to provide their employees every tool they need to do their duties efficiently. As digital tools for printing are developed and enhanced, so does our reliance and honesty on them. It's tempting to turn your back on traditional means of print media, but it still plays a massive role in how smoothly a company runs.
Indeed, putting your trust in someone or something can be quite daunting. However, the mission of RTS is to provide superior printing inventory to our valuable customers through a dedicated team of professional resellers. Our priority is our clients, hence our core values and permanent vision revolves around our patrons.
RTS has a versatile team of experienced individuals who can meet the standards of authorized installation of printers and scanners and always looking for a continuous improvement in their services to meet the requirements of ever-growing technology. RTS has developed cordial relationships with efficient suppliers throughout the world, especially in African countries.

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