What is RTS? RTS company was established in 2012, and it draws of practice and knowledge in commercial printing and scanning. Its strategic location provides it a privileged position as well as a significant benefit to serve Egypt and African countries. Egypt's geographical location has made it a keystone of global trade. Our vision is to provide the local and international markets with superior printing and scanning services. We opt for solutions that satisfy our customers' requirements. Also, appoint resellers for valuable printing equipment and advancement opportunities, and suppliers with constant growth. RTS aims to provide advanced inventory, and it is because the era of conventional printing has long gone. RTS is a centralized streamlined printing facility, with a complete range of the latest printers and scanners.


The company strives to provide highly optimized printing and scanning inventories. With our spacious approach, our resellers make sure to deliver flexible and feasible equipment to all our customers and they gain maximum benefit from our services at minimal risk.
RTS believes in an individual’s approach. From personalized and local support for our clients to continuous advancement in technology and engagement for our resellers, and that shows our dedication and professionalism. For over 9 years now, RTS has been designing, marketing, and supplying updated scanning and printing solutions. By acknowledging the ever-changing world of technology, we continue to bring complementing barcode scanners to companies.

RTS has formed an extensive network of resellers to ensure our clients have easy access to local services and support across the entire range of the latest printers and scanners. The advancement in technology has permitted printers and scanners to be smart and efficient. Without these devices, brand management becomes a lot messier and not quite so structured. However, RTS professionals desire to print and we strive to provide the latest printing devices and high-tech results. Our inventive and creative team has been dedicated to service excellence, making it our priority to surpass your expectations. We invite you to experience our professionalism served manually. With all these exceptional services, the company is considered to be the biggest reseller for EPSON, Egypt.

RTS Services & Solution


We have a well-trained staff on the level of sales and technicality with a range of quality brands. We have an authorized service center for many brands and so complaints…

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We provide quality products and services at reasonable prices with different schemes for those you cannot buy it all at once.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Read why our clients trust us for their trademark and copyright registrations

I loved the place, very friendly and helpful staff, they have a wide variety of brands and appliances. While my purchase was the best

Customer 01 RTS CUSTOMER

The store is very well stocked, the associates are readily available yet not overbearing, and all on-display goods seem to be well.

Customer 02 RTS CUSTOMER

Visited this location with my husband as he was looking for a printer for work. The employees were very helpful. In fact, there was 01 employee helping my husband.

Customer 03 RTS CUSTOMER

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